Fairy House Project

Here is a project you can do with the kids. This is another older post I had on my old blog. It makes me think of a Summer. It seems so far off.Today we are suppose to get over 12 inches of snow. You can use silk flowers in place of  real ones. You can get branches off a dead tree or build with Popsicle sticks from the craft store.


Fairy Houses for Birthday Party

My best friends little girl was having a fairy party and asked for some suggesting for a take home craft project. I suggested making Fairy Houses. Here is some of the stuff I came up with. We held the houses together with hot glue. I’ll post photos of the fairy Houses when she sends them to me.
Scrapes of fabric.

Satin ribbon.

Each child had their own bag of natures little treasures.

Tiger-Lily leaves, sticks, acorns, pine cones, & oak leaves.

Sunflower Leaves

This was a house I made with her daughter. She had a great time with the glitter glue and fake flower petals. The petals and fabric were put on with glue stick.


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