Whimsy Banner Tutorial

im000057Make this easy banner in a couple of hours. On a piece of paper draw out a triangle the size you want the finished product to look like. Then add and inch around the edge of the triangle for seam allowance.

Cut out the triangle and use it for your pattern. I wanted 10 triangle so I cut out 20 pieces. I chose 2 different fabrics so the banner could be reversed.

Sew the two even sides, right sides facing in together. Leave the top of the triangle open. Now turn the triangles right sides out.


Now Sew the tops of the triangles. As one was being finished I would push the next triangle through. The triangles all should be attached together.


I used Double Fold Bias Tape, Quilt Binding to use for the edging. Start with one end and put a finish edge on the edge of the binding.


Now open the bias tape and insert the tops of the triangles.


Pin all the triangles into the bias tape.

im000046Sew the top edge of the banner leave 1/4 inch space. REpeat on bottom part of bias tape. Leave 1/4 inch space from the bottom.


Here is the finished product. This side has the beads sewn on the front. Sew them on before sewing right sides together.

This picture below shows the other side.




One Comment Add yours

  1. Sue says:

    WOO HOO! I found the tutorial and can’t wait to make one.. thanks a bunch!

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