Rustic looking Shelves


I needed lots of shelving space in my tiny studio and I was on a budget.

I love the  French Country look so that was my inspiration. I also need to make sure that the shelves were not going to come down with all the weight from the  books I was going to be piling on them.

Here is a list of what you’ll need.

  1. An electric Screwdriver or drill with the a Phillips head attachment
  2. Screw in Sheet rock anchors ( I love these things. They made my project go a lot quicker.)
  3. Decorative brackets ( Local hardware store or Antique Shop)
  4. A laser leveler. (This is the bee knees)
  5. Rough cut lumber ( We got ours at the local mill.We love to support smaller business.)
  6. I bought longer screws then what came with the brackets.

7.  A level


Line Up where you want to place your shelves, Drill holes and insert the sheet rock screws. It’s better if you can drill into a stud.


These sheet rock screws make life so much easier.


Attach brackets and double check they are level with a level.


I screwed the wooden shelves into the brackets from the bottom.This will provide more stability. Check your shevles occasionally to make sure that they are not pulling away from the wall.


Organize with your favorite books and items.

Enjoy & Have Fun!


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