Home Improvement Project

Here is another post from my old blog. Next week I’ll try and post the after pictures. I still need to make a skirt to go around the table that’s up against the wall with a Faux finish.

Snowball Effect of Home Projects

Shorty really enjoyed helping out. He told my dad “he couldn’t wait to rip the carpet out because he was a junk yard dog.” My son. I Love Him. He was a great help. We paid him in baseball cards for all his hard work.

Soon this Island will be gone and an old table will replace it.

We have been very busy getting ready to put in wide pine flooring. As with any project; it seems to grow. Putting in the floor means:
  1. Paint the walls, because the rooms open up into each other, it means more rooms get painted.
  2. Floor trim has to come up and all the other trim has to get painted
  3. Island in the middle of the kitchen has to come out.
  4. Every thing in the Island has get packed up.
  5. Finish the large library reference table that will serve as the Island in the Kitchen. (Salvage yard burnt down a month ago, so now we have to find another place that sells old wood.)
  6. Need to match up old wood to make a few missing draws on the table.
  7. Try and match up old paint we liked. ( Didn’t happen, so I had to rethink the colors in the hallway. Three trips to the paint store and a couple re dos on the walls. We finally ended up with a harmony of color we’re happy with.
  8. We now have to add a chair rail because I wanted to use both the paint colors I picked for the hallway. (Hubby is a very Patience man. I love you Honey).
  9. And it all has to be done before Shorty goes back to school.

The floor goes in this weekend so I will not be blogging very much this week. A lot to do for just a floor! Has this happened to you? When I was doing Interior Design I would tell clients to be prepared for these headaches. I need to listen to my own advise now. We now are living out of one room . ARRGGGHH!

Here are a few pictures of my faux finish I did. The color is a happy accident. I wasn’t sure how I would like it . This is about all the creating I’m going to get to do for a while. Though it was fun to play in the paint.

I know it will be ALL worth it when it DONE!

This was the first color I painted. We thought it was a little to bright, though my son loved it. So while hubby was at work I thought I would try to do a faux finish.

I had some glaze left over from a table I worked on a while ago. It was a dark brown. I used a rag. I had another rag that I used to blot up excess glaze. At the very end I got the rag damp and went over the wall. I didn’t like it. Then I had a little paint left over from the original hallway color. I put this on with a damp rag. I feathered out any hard edges. I wasn’t sure if I liked it yet. This is when Shorty and I went to the paint store to buy more paint. We bought two shades lighter from what we had put on the wall.
p>When we got home, the wall had dried. I Loved how it looked.
Then I moved on to the hallway. Two paint colors and a roll of painters tape later I was finished. That’s when hubby came home and I told him we were going to have a chair rail. (Like I said , he is very patience.)
Have a great week & Have Fun!


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