The White Mountains in New Hampshire

The White Mountains is a great place to visit. Their is so much to do up here.

im000017 Check out this view. The mountain in the very back is Mount Washington. It’s known for  having the world’s worst weather.

North Conway sits in the Valley about 40 miles from Mount Washington. There are activities going on all year  up here.  If your an outdoor enthusiast like our  family, you will not be bored.


We checked out the ice climbers at Cathedral Ledge. A very popular spot for climbers in the summer and fall and Ice climbers in the Winter.

The road is closed in the Winter so we had to Snow Shoe in. However they were a few 4 wheel drive trucks out there. We didn’t want to take  a chance so we put on our Winter feet.



Another fun thing to do is Cross Country Skiing. There are many places to go. You can ski for free or pay for groomed trails. We chose to pay. I haven’t  skied  for about 13 years.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to do. It  was like riding  a bike, You don’t forget. The trails are groomed with groves for traditional Cross Country skiing or for skating style.


It’s so peaceful out here. We saw people walking in boots only and snow shoes. In the Summer you can find Mountain Bikers, trail runners, and people walking their dogs.


Their is so much you can do that doesn’t cost any money. We came home a day early to beat the snow. It’s not fun driving a 100 miles white knuckled.

Hope your enjoying your Winter as much as we are. I am ready for Spring though. Time to see flowers!

Enjoy & Have Fun!



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