Hand Bag Tutorial


I made this hand bag in a few hours. Here is how I did it. I’m still practicing on making straight stitches but I love to design and sew things.

First on paper,  I drew out what size and shape I wanted. 19 x18 is the size I chose.

I then added 1/2 inch seam allowance all around. For the corners I used a 8 inch plate to round out my corners.


Now cut out 2 pieces of muslin. When cutting , make sure the selvage goes the width of the pocketbook.


Sew the two wrong sides together half way up on both sides.


Cut out your fabric of your choice. 2 pieces. If your using a print make sure you line up for symmetry.

Turn the muslin right side out. Insert the main fabric, right sides together, into the muslin.

im0000253I used bias tape to stitch all the edges together.


After the edges are all finished, sew up the sides about 2 inches on both sides to hide edges of the bias tape.


Take handles of your choice and place on top of bag. Fold fabric over handle and tack down. Sew close to the handles.


That’s it. I plan to redo this with pink thread. I didn’t have any the day that I sewed it.  Think of all the possibilities you could do with fabric. You could use a contrasting fabric to jazz it up even more.

Have Fun & Enjoy!



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