How do you make your house feel more like a home? I love to have old items that have a history to them. Most things in our house are from loved ones. Each piece has it’s own history. im0000031

The book case came out of my grandparents summer camp. Us kids would get our books & games off it on rainy days. The dishes on the bottom were their wedding dishes. The dishes above it also came from my grandmother. She sold her wares at  flea markets and Antique dealerships. You could always find something that you loved.

im0000052I love this table . It has so many memories sitting on it and above it. The table belonged to my husbands great grandfather. He was a doctor during the 20’s,30’s & 40’s.

The hurricane lamp belonged to my mother-n-laws parents. It has provide much light this Winter during our many power outages.
The Water color pictures are from a great Aunt. They are pictures of Scotland. The mirror is from my husband’s great Aunt.
The jewelery and cake stand are from my grandmother.
& the pictures are of the next generation of grand kids.
How do you celebrate your family heritage?


im000016Have Fun & Enjoy!


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