Pinewood Derby Time

This was our son’s first year at the Pinewood Derby in his pack. He decided he wanted to try Boy Scouts this year. He is in Weblos 1. We found a great den in the next town over from us. He is very active so we wanted to find a den that did a lot outside. His den leader is awesome with the boys.


He worked on his car with his dad. He wanted to use the Weblo colors.


The night before the race they weigh the cars and then confiscate them. They can’t weigh more then 5 ounces.


He came in last for his group but he got the Scout Spirit Award for his design. He is already working on next years design.


For Christmas we had bought him a kit to build. He had fun making that one to. Great project for the boys to build with mom or dad. They sell them at craft stores or hobbies shops. It’s amazing that all these cars started out looking all the same.

Have Fun!


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