Art Work #2


Colored pencil

I have been so busy lately I really haven’t had time to post . I wanted to share some art work that I have been working on. Drawing nature and people our my favorites. I’m hoping to get a lot more done over the summer. There is so much inspiration in the garden right now. I’m working on some prints right now that I’d eventually like to put in my Etsy store.



IM000017Colored pencil

IM000007(1)Ink & colored pencil

Hope you liked them. Enjoy the rest of the Spring! I’ll be back soon with more from Granite Farm.My garden is calling me!



Spring is busy!

I want to post a quick note that I have to slow down on posting for awhile. Lot  going on this Spring. Many projects and I don’t have the time to do 1 to 2 post a day like I would like. I’m still going to try for 1 or 2 a week. I have a lot of ideas I would like to share so I hope you check back frequently.

Thanks and Happy Spring!!!!!


Encouraging your child with Art & Nature

This is an art project I did with my son last summer. It was a practice run for an outdoor class I taught at are local library.

Art & Nature Classes

The art & nature class I did at our local library was a hit. This is the example my son did for the class. It’s a Foxglove Flower.
The children had a great time. They were so excited to be drawing outside and investigating everything around them.
I provided clipboards, paper, pencils, magnifying glasses, oil pastels, and all the material to frame the finished pictures.
We started the class with discussing artist that were also naturalist. I set up books to give the parents and children ideas to read. They were biographies, craft ideas, outdoor projects to do with the whole family, how to draw and paint books.
I set up examples of leaves, flowers, and other nature items from outdoors. After the children looked at them on the table, we sat down and looked at each item up close. We looked at shape, texture, and color.
After passing out all the materials, we went outside and explored our environment. The kids looked at bugs, leaves, flowers, and cobwebs.
We drew outside for about 40 minutes.
After we went in we pasted our pictures to construction paper, attached it to a wooden stick with satin ribbon. Their art work is now ready to hang.
My goal is to encourage more families to get outside and observe their environment around them. If we make a connection with our children to their environment then they will connect to it as adults and be future stewards of our Earth. Statistic say that less and less children are going outdoors. This is so sad to hear.
Lets get the kids off the couch and into the outdoors.

Clock Picture Arrangement

I wanted to share this really cool idea that my sister-n-law did in her living room. She had a bunch of pictures of clocks she had bought. She had cut out sections of the clock and framed them in all the same frames. The end result looks like one giant clock on the wall.


These frames are the only picutres on the wall so it makes a great impact.

You could use this idea to show all  kinds of  images.

Have Fun & Enjoy!