Art Work #2

Colored pencil I have been so busy lately I really haven’t had time to post . I wanted to share some art work that I have been working on. Drawing nature and people our my favorites. I’m hoping to get a lot more done over the summer. There is so much inspiration in the garden…

Spring is busy!

I want to post a quick note that I have to slow down on posting for awhile. Lot  going on this Spring. Many projects and I don’t have the time to do 1 to 2 post a day like I would like. I’m still going to try for 1 or 2 a week. I have…

Encouraging your child with Art & Nature

This is an art project I did with my son last summer. It was a practice run for an outdoor class I taught at are local library. Art & Nature Classes The art & nature class I did at our local library was a hit. This is the example my son did for the class….

Clock Picture Arrangement

I wanted to share this really cool idea that my sister-n-law did in her living room. She had a bunch of pictures of clocks she had bought. She had cut out sections of the clock and framed them in all the same frames. The end result looks like one giant clock on the wall. These…

Art Work

I thought I’d share some of my art work with you. Right now I’m working on combing water color & Pencil. It’s so fun to try new things and see the results.