Knitting Ideas

I thought I would share with you a few knitted objects that my client did. She has been knitting a long time and is very talented. When I asked her what she used for a pattern, she said it was out of head. I can’t wait to get to that point in my knitting!

In a future post I will show one of her blankets she made it with Fun Fur and Baby yarn. She gave me the directions for that. I’ll post the picture of it for now.


Fun Fur Blanket


I love these socks. They are so cuteeeeeeee.!



A work in progress.


A  hat for a new baby


I love the colors and dainty little flowers on this afghan she made.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own knitting projects. I love how she combined 2 yarns to produce different texture.

Have Fun!


A Child’s Apron Tutorial


Make this child’s apron in a couple of hours. Less if you have no interruptions and you can sew a straight line fast. I’m still working on that.

Measure the waist of whom the apron will made for. Take half the waist measurement and use that as the width of  your apron. For the length use about 5 inches from the knees.


Cut out the pattern. Now measure out a smaller pattern to go on top of the main piece you just cut out. This piece is about 2 1/2 inches all around smaller.


Measure out the strings to go around the waist. String length is the waist measurement plus, 18 inches added on each side.

Use quilting  bias for the apron strings.Matched the bias to the fabric or get creative.  Use a complementary color or whatever your heart tells you.

Put the strings up to the fabric to make sure you like how it looks before you sew any more.


Fold the edge over on the fabric that will be on top. You don’t want any raw edges showing. Now sew.

On the fabric that is the larger piece,  use  double Bias tape for the edges. When you are  done sewing these two separate pieces,  put them together and place them between the quilting bias tape.

im0000363Sew the bias tape to the two fabrics.
The ends of the strings, fold the fabric over to show a smooth edge. Sew this.
Place the two sides of the bias tape together and sew all the way to the other end. This should seal your ends and give a finished edge to your apron.



Have Fun making this! I would love to see your versions of this apron!



Easy scarves to make.

I thought I would share with you some really simple scarves I’ve made.

They took about 1/2 and hour to sew. Pick your favorite fabric. Make sure it

drapes well. Sew 3 sides together, right sides together. Turn right sides out

and hand stitch the last side. The velvet scarves I  folded, the fabric in half

and sewed two sides.

Measure out how long you want the finished product to be.




This scarf below I knitted. I used a simple knit one, pearl one. This was one of my first knitting projects. I loved the yarn. It hides any of my mistakes.


Have Fun & Enjoy!


Hand Bag Tutorial


I made this hand bag in a few hours. Here is how I did it. I’m still practicing on making straight stitches but I love to design and sew things.

First on paper,  I drew out what size and shape I wanted. 19 x18 is the size I chose.

I then added 1/2 inch seam allowance all around. For the corners I used a 8 inch plate to round out my corners.


Now cut out 2 pieces of muslin. When cutting , make sure the selvage goes the width of the pocketbook.


Sew the two wrong sides together half way up on both sides.


Cut out your fabric of your choice. 2 pieces. If your using a print make sure you line up for symmetry.

Turn the muslin right side out. Insert the main fabric, right sides together, into the muslin.

im0000253I used bias tape to stitch all the edges together.


After the edges are all finished, sew up the sides about 2 inches on both sides to hide edges of the bias tape.


Take handles of your choice and place on top of bag. Fold fabric over handle and tack down. Sew close to the handles.


That’s it. I plan to redo this with pink thread. I didn’t have any the day that I sewed it.  Think of all the possibilities you could do with fabric. You could use a contrasting fabric to jazz it up even more.

Have Fun & Enjoy!


New HandBags

Here is a couple of new handbags I have put together. Look for Tutorials in the future. The green one is recycled from a shirt. Have a great night!


I love this Pink Toile. I have a few more ideas for this fabric. I made sure I bought extra. Stay tuned to see what I turn it into .


This hand bag is good for going to a Country Fair or a Farmer’s Market. It has two compartments. One in the very front and the one behind it that is opened.