Posting More soon

Hi there! I have been away so I have not been able to post anything. I will be back tomorrow with pictures from my trip. I have  a great boutique that we visited and purchased a center piece for our Kitchen table. Can’t wait to share!

Talk you soon.


Have Fun & Enjoy the day!

The Love of a Pet

im000002This is Jazz . I’ve had her for about 16 years. Isn’t she cute. It’s amazing how something so small can produce so much love in a family. She is the first thing my son goes to in the morning. The other beloved pet is our dog Sasha. She has so much personality. How many of you pet owners, treat your pet like a kid? I think if your a true animal lover, you can’t help  but treat them like royalty. Sasha now has a full size chair in my studio. I really need to move the chair out of the room so I can have more room but I don’t want to move her.

im000092Enjoy & Happy Winter!

Winter Fun

im000026It’s been a great Winter for building snowmen.  This  is my son’s  favorite thing to do when the snows just right. Get out and enjoy the snow!

His other favorite thing to build is snowforts. Do you remember building them when you were little? My grandfather had a construction business, so they had a huge yard for all the different gravel and dirt. In the winter he would have to plow all that snow. He would pile all the snow up with a Cat Tractor. Then him and my Uncle would build my cousin and I tunnels and  sits. It would become our Ice Castle. We could spend hours out there.

Make some memories with your kids. They’ll have it for a life time to look back on.