Napkins for a Tea Party

I just listed these whimsical napkins in my Etsy store My Pretty Poppies.


Over the next few days I will be adding the matching table cloths and napkin ring holders. The table cloths would fit a child’s 24 x24 table.



They would make a great gift for a little girl or even a mom who would like to add a little whimsy to her home.


I just love these colors. They are from the Tutti Frutti collection. The tea cup is from my china tea cup collection. When my mom moved the last time and we bought our house, she gave me all her tea cups.

When I was little we would have tea time. She would purchase lose tea, seep it, and then strain it into the tea cups. There is nothing like fresh tea made from flowers and herbs.


Take a few minutes out of a busy day and grab a cup of  herbal tea. My favorite scenes in Masterpiece Theater Productions are those where the women and men are all dressed up outside enjoying tea. Zoe Wannamaker in The Old Curiosity Shop is shown in a wooded area sipping out of her tea cup when  the main characters in the show come up on her.  A scene from Emma ( I think it was that one) shows all the help lugging tables, food, and linens up a steep hill so there employers can have a picnic up on a hill. How romantic.

Enjoy and I’ll hope you join me in a spot of tea.

Have Fun!


Turning a small space into a child’s room

Kathy Carson FRIZZELL NANCY 001

I wanted to share this child room with you. My sister-n- law and I designed and decorated this room a few years back for a client. She wanted to move her three year old out of their bedroom and into his own space. They had a  funky little space at the top of their stairway. We gave them hope that it could be a great space for a child, with the right planning.

In a small space lots of storage in necessary. We had my brother-n-law build a custom cabinet to fit in the corner. The higher shelves were for mom, so she could store toys that could be rotated & extra linens. We found the bins at Pottery Barn.

Kathy Carson FRIZZELL NANCY 003

Next on the list was a place for him to sit and draw. And as he got older, he would have a place to do homework. Chalk board paint was used on the desk  top. Kids really enjoy drawing on chalkboards. We  found a red colored coordinating chair. I’m not sure if we got it at Pottery Barn or the Mill Store and the client painted it. We found a wheel around bin( for more toys & extra sitting)  that could also go under the desk.

Kathy Carson 004

Kathy Carson 007

The book rack on the wall came from the Mill Store. The store  is a great place to find items if your on a tight budget. You can stain or paint them yourself.

The bed we spray painted to match the wall cabinet. The curtains were shower curtains we had found at JC Penny and my sister-n-law made them into Roman shades. We found coordinating  fabric to make cornices. They were very easy to make. Some day I’ll do A tutorial on them.When using Roman shades make sure their our no hanging strings. It can be dangerous. I know in the picture they are hanging but the mother was going to buy the hardware after we left to put the strings up high and out of the hands of the little one.

Kathy Carson 006

The bedding came from Pottery Barn. We started the whole design process with that. The client had bought the quilt first and we took all are ques for  color from it.

Kathy Carson 005

On the walls we used Benjamin Moore paint. We used a lighter shade blue on the ceiling. This helps make the room feel and look a little bigger. Your eye doesn’t stop at the ceiling /wall line. On the wall that the bed is up against, we used a magnetic paint. We did this so he could put little magnetics on the wall, letters,cars ( another surface to play on).However we were not happy with the results( We had used five coats of paint). It could only hold a very thin magnetic. Maybe the paint has improved since then (this was done 4 years ago). We found the paint at our local Ace Hardware store.

Hope this gives you some great ideas for storage and getting the most out of a small area.

Have a great night & Enjoy!


Fairy House Project

Here is a project you can do with the kids. This is another older post I had on my old blog. It makes me think of a Summer. It seems so far off.Today we are suppose to get over 12 inches of snow. You can use silk flowers in place of  real ones. You can get branches off a dead tree or build with Popsicle sticks from the craft store.


Fairy Houses for Birthday Party

My best friends little girl was having a fairy party and asked for some suggesting for a take home craft project. I suggested making Fairy Houses. Here is some of the stuff I came up with. We held the houses together with hot glue. I’ll post photos of the fairy Houses when she sends them to me.
Scrapes of fabric.

Satin ribbon.

Each child had their own bag of natures little treasures.

Tiger-Lily leaves, sticks, acorns, pine cones, & oak leaves.

Sunflower Leaves

This was a house I made with her daughter. She had a great time with the glitter glue and fake flower petals. The petals and fabric were put on with glue stick.