Napkins for a Tea Party

I just listed these whimsical napkins in my Etsy store My Pretty Poppies.


Over the next few days I will be adding the matching table cloths and napkin ring holders. The table cloths would fit a child’s 24 x24 table.



They would make a great gift for a little girl or even a mom who would like to add a little whimsy to her home.


I just love these colors. They are from the Tutti Frutti collection. The tea cup is from my china tea cup collection. When my mom moved the last time and we bought our house, she gave me all her tea cups.

When I was little we would have tea time. She would purchase lose tea, seep it, and then strain it into the tea cups. There is nothing like fresh tea made from flowers and herbs.


Take a few minutes out of a busy day and grab a cup of  herbal tea. My favorite scenes in Masterpiece Theater Productions are those where the women and men are all dressed up outside enjoying tea. Zoe Wannamaker in The Old Curiosity Shop is shown in a wooded area sipping out of her tea cup when  the main characters in the show come up on her.  A scene from Emma ( I think it was that one) shows all the help lugging tables, food, and linens up a steep hill so there employers can have a picnic up on a hill. How romantic.

Enjoy and I’ll hope you join me in a spot of tea.

Have Fun!


A Sweet Little Quilt Tutorial.


Here is a sweet little quilt I made for my BF daughter.  I used small squares cut out from fabric samples. I had many fabric books left over from my Interior Design business. I hated to see them go to the land fill. I choice fabrics that the colors went to together.


Find a pleasing look to your fabric design.


Stitched the rows and then flipped them over and ironed the seams flat.



*  Attached each row to each other.  Turn over and ironed the seams again.

*Once  all the pieces are sewn together  sew them to the main piece of fabric.


*  Use purple single sided bias tape to out line the squares.

*  Sew the main fabric, a natural filler , and muslin all together.

*   Quilt the layers together. I used the sewing machine.

*  Sew Quilting bias around the Quilt to finish it off.

* To add a little whimsy I made Yo Yos. Cut out circles, hand sew a loose stitch along the circle. It will pull together as you go along.With the Yo-Yos with a trim, I sewed on bias tape to them before I hand sewed them into their puckered state. I then sewed them onto the Quilt.


This was my  first Quilt I have every made. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to make another one. I hope this inspires you if you’ve never made a Quilt. Start small and enjoy!



Candy Gifts


Great gift idea to make with kids!

I purchased most supplies by Make’n Mold. I found them at our local craft store.  This was the first time I’ve made candy so I wanted something that was easy to follow and child friendly.im0000121

To make the accent colors inside the candy molds use vanilla chips and food coloring ( I used coloring that was for candy. I wasn’t sure if I could use the kind for cakes and cookies. If  anyone knows , please let me know. )

Heat the vanilla chips in two separate squeeze bottles. Heat for about one minute, take bottle out and squeeze until chocolate is melted. If need be put back in Microwave for 15 seconds and repeat. Then add coloring until the desired shade is achieved.  Use a long wood skewer  to mix the color.


After mixing color, squeeze into molds.


Melt the chocolate of choice to pour into the mold.


I don’t have a double boiler so I improvised.


Add lollipop stick and cover with chocolate at base.

Chill for about 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Then pop them out.

Place them in a food safe container/plastic. Close with a twist tie or pretty ribbon.


The pretzels are very easy to make.


Use rod size pretzels.

Melt the chocolate. (I used white and milk chocolate separately) I found it easier to spoon the chocolate over the pretzel half way to the end of the pretzel.

Place pretzels on wax paper and apply the sprinkles at this time.


To add a second color to the pretzels, let the pretzel cool and then apply the second color over it.



Present in your favorite way. Great gift to give at holidays, family gatherings or just for the fun of it.

Knitting Ideas

I thought I would share with you a few knitted objects that my client did. She has been knitting a long time and is very talented. When I asked her what she used for a pattern, she said it was out of head. I can’t wait to get to that point in my knitting!

In a future post I will show one of her blankets she made it with Fun Fur and Baby yarn. She gave me the directions for that. I’ll post the picture of it for now.


Fun Fur Blanket


I love these socks. They are so cuteeeeeeee.!



A work in progress.


A  hat for a new baby


I love the colors and dainty little flowers on this afghan she made.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own knitting projects. I love how she combined 2 yarns to produce different texture.

Have Fun!


Happy Spring!


To celebrate I raked out my gardens that didn’t have any white stuff on them, started my seeds inside, and bought pretty pink Tulips.


Pretty flowers always  brightens the day.


Can’t wait to see them grow.


Soaking up the sun. These will have to come in. I need to get lights so they will grow properly. In our region the safest time to put plants out is after Memorial Day. We have had snow in the past on Mother’s day. Enjoying the sun and warmth for now. Yeh!


Small signs of Spring. Looking  forward to seeing my Daffodils!

Happy Gardening!


A Child’s Apron Tutorial


Make this child’s apron in a couple of hours. Less if you have no interruptions and you can sew a straight line fast. I’m still working on that.

Measure the waist of whom the apron will made for. Take half the waist measurement and use that as the width of  your apron. For the length use about 5 inches from the knees.


Cut out the pattern. Now measure out a smaller pattern to go on top of the main piece you just cut out. This piece is about 2 1/2 inches all around smaller.


Measure out the strings to go around the waist. String length is the waist measurement plus, 18 inches added on each side.

Use quilting  bias for the apron strings.Matched the bias to the fabric or get creative.  Use a complementary color or whatever your heart tells you.

Put the strings up to the fabric to make sure you like how it looks before you sew any more.


Fold the edge over on the fabric that will be on top. You don’t want any raw edges showing. Now sew.

On the fabric that is the larger piece,  use  double Bias tape for the edges. When you are  done sewing these two separate pieces,  put them together and place them between the quilting bias tape.

im0000363Sew the bias tape to the two fabrics.
The ends of the strings, fold the fabric over to show a smooth edge. Sew this.
Place the two sides of the bias tape together and sew all the way to the other end. This should seal your ends and give a finished edge to your apron.



Have Fun making this! I would love to see your versions of this apron!




How do you make your house feel more like a home? I love to have old items that have a history to them. Most things in our house are from loved ones. Each piece has it’s own history. im0000031

The book case came out of my grandparents summer camp. Us kids would get our books & games off it on rainy days. The dishes on the bottom were their wedding dishes. The dishes above it also came from my grandmother. She sold her wares at  flea markets and Antique dealerships. You could always find something that you loved.

im0000052I love this table . It has so many memories sitting on it and above it. The table belonged to my husbands great grandfather. He was a doctor during the 20’s,30’s & 40’s.

The hurricane lamp belonged to my mother-n-laws parents. It has provide much light this Winter during our many power outages.
The Water color pictures are from a great Aunt. They are pictures of Scotland. The mirror is from my husband’s great Aunt.
The jewelery and cake stand are from my grandmother.
& the pictures are of the next generation of grand kids.
How do you celebrate your family heritage?


im000016Have Fun & Enjoy!