The Joy of Farming your Land

Good Evening Everyone. I hope you are enjoying your spring. I’m enjoying the rain that is watering all the plants and trees that I planted this weekend and Monday. We divided my Raspberry bushes and got 33 canes out of it. The goal is to put up posts at each end of the Raspberry rows….

Encouraging your child with Art & Nature

This is an art project I did with my son last summer. It was a practice run for an outdoor class I taught at are local library. Art & Nature Classes The art & nature class I did at our local library was a hit. This is the example my son did for the class….

Give Away

I’m going to extend the deadline until next Monday 3/16 at 5 pm. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail on how you keep your piece of earth green. I’ll collect them and put them in a hat. I’ll have my son pull the winner. The cloths colors will depend on what Gram…

Dish Cloth Give Away

These dish cloths are a great way to cut back on paper towel use. My grandmother knitted them for me. My knitting skills aren’t that great yet. She did show me a few years ago but I forgot how to do it. I need to learn again. You can never have to many. -We use…