Give Away


I’m going to extend the deadline until next Monday 3/16 at 5 pm. Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail on how you keep your piece of earth green. I’ll collect them and put them in a hat. I’ll have my son pull the winner.

The cloths colors will depend on what Gram has made up. You can give a color suggesting and I’ll do my best to match that.

Good Luck to all!

Have Fun & Enjoy!


Dish Cloth Give Away

These dish cloths are a great way to cut back on paper towel use. My grandmother knitted them for me. My knitting skills aren’t that great yet. She did show me a few years ago but I forgot how to do it. I need to learn again. You can never have to many.

-We use these to wash the dishes.
-They can be used as wash cloths in the bathroom.
-We also use them to dust and wipe down counters.
-I’ve been using a really old one to clean the glass on the pellet stove. (We won’t mention that one to gram though.)


I’m going to give away  1 set of 3 dish cloths at the end of next week. Link me to your blog and leave  a comment about how you keep your little piece of earth greener,  I will put your name in the drawing.

These cloths are a great way to cut down on paper going into the land fill.

Enjoy and make it a Great Day!