Spring Smells

Do you have a favorite smell of Spring? Mine is the scent of Lilacs. I just love the look of these flowers. In my yard I have three different kinds of Lilac bushes. White , dark purple, and the kind that are above in the photo. I wished I could remember all the Latin names…

Slow down and smell the flowers

It’s that time of year when families are  in full throttle . Running with the kids to games, school concerts, plays, recitals. The weeks blend into each other until Summer vacation hits. It’s also one of the most beautiful times of the year. The trees & bushes are in full bloom. They are  decked out…

The Joy of Farming your Land

Good Evening Everyone. I hope you are enjoying your spring. I’m enjoying the rain that is watering all the plants and trees that I planted this weekend and Monday. We divided my Raspberry bushes and got 33 canes out of it. The goal is to put up posts at each end of the Raspberry rows….

Window boxes for less

Here is a post from last summer. You can check out my old blog @ Visionsofsuagrplums.net Inexpensive Window Boxes I finally got my window boxes. We’ve lived here for 5 years and I have always wanted window boxes on the front of the house. I love looking at houses with beautiful over flowing window boxes….

Happy Spring!

I WANT TO WISH EVERYONE A HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!! To celebrate I raked out my gardens that didn’t have any white stuff on them, started my seeds inside, and bought pretty pink Tulips. Pretty flowers always  brightens the day. Can’t wait to see them grow. Soaking up the sun. These will have to come in. I…