Candy Gifts


Great gift idea to make with kids!

I purchased most supplies by Make’n Mold. I found them at our local craft store.  This was the first time I’ve made candy so I wanted something that was easy to follow and child friendly.im0000121

To make the accent colors inside the candy molds use vanilla chips and food coloring ( I used coloring that was for candy. I wasn’t sure if I could use the kind for cakes and cookies. If  anyone knows , please let me know. )

Heat the vanilla chips in two separate squeeze bottles. Heat for about one minute, take bottle out and squeeze until chocolate is melted. If need be put back in Microwave for 15 seconds and repeat. Then add coloring until the desired shade is achieved.  Use a long wood skewer  to mix the color.


After mixing color, squeeze into molds.


Melt the chocolate of choice to pour into the mold.


I don’t have a double boiler so I improvised.


Add lollipop stick and cover with chocolate at base.

Chill for about 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Then pop them out.

Place them in a food safe container/plastic. Close with a twist tie or pretty ribbon.


The pretzels are very easy to make.


Use rod size pretzels.

Melt the chocolate. (I used white and milk chocolate separately) I found it easier to spoon the chocolate over the pretzel half way to the end of the pretzel.

Place pretzels on wax paper and apply the sprinkles at this time.


To add a second color to the pretzels, let the pretzel cool and then apply the second color over it.



Present in your favorite way. Great gift to give at holidays, family gatherings or just for the fun of it.


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  1. I just made some of these pretzels and yes they are quite easy and a great kid-friendly project in the kitchen.

    Great photos. Everything looks delish!

    Happy Easter!

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